Cost of Starting a New Business from Home

Many people have started successful businesses from a garage or a spare room in their home.

There are many things a person can do – e.g. music, writing, backyard mechanics, backyard computers, all sorts of tutoring, sewing, cleaning etc. One lady, I met even started a whole modeling business with just a few clients.

The first thing you need to do is have a definite idea and formulate a Business Plan. This should be based on something that you know a lot about and are happy doing.

The next thing you need is a unique business name – preferably one that catches people’s attention and is easy to remember. Ideally, the name should be registered with the appropriate Government Agency. Once I tried to register one of my business names, but the cost was several hundred dollars which I couldn’t afford – So I just typed up my own certificate with the copyright symbol and date. I also put a copy of this in a sealed, self-addressed envelope with the postage date clearly viable. I was hoping that this would solve any possible Intellectual Property problems.

How to figure out your cost

You will need to work out your set up costs. These will be almost nil if you are doing something like tutoring – because the spare tuition room in your home is already there. Enterprises like backyard mechanics have a bigger setup and operating expenses. It’s best to speak with a certified CPA specialist.


How do you get clients and start to generate an income? Telling your neighbors and friends what you are doing costs nothing. The best advertising is word of mouth and many businesses rely just on referrals. Placing an ad on your local shopping center notice board or in a shop window also costs nothing. Ads in the local newspaper are relatively cheap – as are letterbox drops.

Once you have a few clients and have established yourself as serious, then there are many government organizations that offer assistance and advice. You may even be able to apply for a grant or low-interest loan.

Another good reason to start a home based business is that you can negative gear a lot of your costs and offset it against your income – costs like phone, transport, stationery and proportionate rent (which you pay anyway)

In my own position, as a person who was unemployed goes, I found that Social Security supported what I did as long as I was honest and kept then informed of how much money I was earning. If you have questions that were left unanswered feel free to email me here.